Deck & Engine Stores

Unimasters maintains permanent own stock of over 700 different marine items, which we import directly from the manufacturers or large whole traders.

We supply directly from the factory:
- Clothing and Linen
- Ropes and Hawsers
- Marine Chemicals
- Lubricating Oils
- Safety Protecting Gear
- Hoses and Couplings
- Brushes and Rollers, painting equipment
- Lavatory equipment
- Pneumatic and Electrical Tools – Deck scalers, Chisels, Pumps
- Hand Tools
- Measuring Tools
- Metal sheets and bars – Hull Anodes
- Pipes and Fittings – flanges JIS and DIN
- Fasteners
- Valves and cocks – JIS, DIN, class certified
- Bearings
- Electrical equipment

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