Ports of Service

Unimasters Logistics is the only regional company who maintain own network of offices, warehouses, personnel and transport facilities in the main ports of the western Black Sea coast – Bourgas, Varna and Constanta.

Our main facilities are located in Varna, which is the centre of our network. Distanced almost equally – 130 kilometers from Constanta and Bourgas, we can provide you with our full support within maximum 2 hours after your order.

Port Varna

Varna is a multi-purpose port with modern facilities and specialised quays working round the clock. It handles all types of cargo, including liquid. However, the typical features of the port are the handling of grain, containers, chemicals and general cargoes. By the total volume of these sorts of cargo, Port of Varna is the indisputable leader in Bulgaria. The port has 32 berths, 5601m quays length, 240800 m2 open storage area and 77500m2 warehouses. The cargo operations are being performed in both main ports – Varna East and Varna West, but smaller private ports like Lessport and PBM Odessos also emerged and compete successfully for the smaller tonnage.

Port Bourgas

The existing port facilities provide an opportunity for all types of loose and general cargo, containers and trailers. Load handling operations include loading and unloading of vessels and land means of transport. The Port uses multifunctional wharves and specialized terminals. Additional and concomitant services are: lashing and unlashing, weighing, sorting, fumigation of rail cars, opening and closing of hatch covers, separation, palletizing, vanning and de-vanning, sweeping, washing, covering and application of defrosting material. The Port has enough open and covered storage areas with security where different types of cargo can be kept.

Port Constanta

The Port of Constanta is one of the main distribution centers for the Central and Eastern Europe, offering many advantages, of which mention must be made of:

- Multi-purpose port with modern facilities and sufficient water depths in the port basins to accommodate the largest vessels passing through the Suez Canal;
- Direct access to the Central and Eastern European countries through the Pan-European Corridor VII – the Danube;
- A hub for the container traffic in the Black Sea;
- Good connections with all modes of transport: railway, road, river, airway and pipelines;
- Customs facilitations for commercial operations performed through the Port of Constanta;
- Modern facilities for passenger vessels;
- Land availability for future expansion;



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