As a pioneering company and market leader Unimasters Logistics has always been a trusted partner of world brands and distributor of key products and services in the region.


Unimasters distributes the marine lubricants of Castrol on the Bulgarian Market. The main stock is situated in Varna. We store about 200000 ltr of bulk luboils from the most common grades and over 300 drums enabling us to execute almost any order. We have specialized trucks and facilities to deliver lubes at any quay and dry dock in Bulgaria maintaining high HSEQ standards.
Our agency agreement with Castrol allows us to supply our customers worldwide maintaining the same high quality without any additional costs.


In 2008 Unimasters started cooperation with the Dutch chemical manufacturer Vecom. We have our own stock of over 2000 ltr of environment friendly chemicals of high European quality. Despite the growing supply of many other cheaper industrial chemicals, Vecom’s products are a top choice on the chemical market, being distributed by Unimasters not only in Bulgaria and Romania but worldwide. The respective documentation (MSDS, instructions for applications and recommendations) is duly provided with every delivery.


Our Romanian branch distributes Gulf lubricants through the Bulgarian member Prista. Offering highly competitive prices and good quality we are preferred choice for initial supply for the new buildings in DMHI Shipyard and for many ship owners. As in Bulgaria, orders are delivered to any quay or dry dock, we keep an emergency stock of about 50 drums so that big orders are being delivered straight from the refinery in Bulgaria.



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